Uploading Your Beats


You can upload a beat to Brapp on our website brapp.tv or directly in the Brapp iOS App.

Uploading beats on the website

Tap the ‘Upload a Beat’ button, located in the top navigation bar of the website, then ‘Choose File’ to select and upload your beat from your computer (https://www.brapp.tv/beats/upload).

You can any audio file type so long as the file is maximum 11mb.

If your beat is longer than 60 seconds it will be trimmed and the first 60 seconds will be saved.

Uploading beats in the app

Tap the ‘Upload a Beat’ button located at the top right of your home feed. From here you can import a beat from Dropbox and Google Drive or other apps that allow you to ‘Copy to Brapp’ using the Apple Action Button.

Once you have uploaded your Beat in the App, or on the website, you will be prompted to add a title (max 30 characters), #hashtags, Description, BPM and Location to make it searchable across the Brapp platform. The BPM is also used to create the count-in for users when they record a video on your Beat.
In the app there is no audio file type or size restrictions.

If your beat is longer than 60 seconds you can use the in app trim feature to choose your start and end points, and use the optional faders.

Sharing your beat

Once you tap SHARE, your beat is sent to all your followers’ home feeds and added to the Brapp Beat Bank ready for anyone to perform on it.

For information regarding the rules of Uploading Beats please see our Terms of Use (brapp.tv/legal/termsofuse) and Community Guidelines (brapp.tv/legal/communityguidelines).


Why… oh Why… is the cutoff 60 seconds? Most chorus loops don’t start until well after that point…