Rapper / singer looking for projects


I am a female rapper and vocalist , I live in Somerset , UK my lyrics are beautiful and full of feeling , can be funny , intricate , deep , simple too. I am looking for committed producer(s) and musicians to work with, to record , gig etc.
I am in a rock band too


Hey Madeline!

You have any samples I can check out? I have at least one instrumental I’m looking to get someone on. I have some examples over on my profile, they’re due an update but it’ll give you an idea of what I have.

All the best,


i have some beats that can be interesting for you: http://martinzbeats15.beatstars.com/


Hey , I like Cindy and would love to hear more , how can I send the demos ?


Hey thank you , I am looking for more dynamic drums to bounce over but I like these sounds Facetime , flames , No romance , immortal , bronx. looking for something punchy and firey! (but feminine!?)


Oh, i understand you! Nice that you like it!

Did you listen this beats: http://bsta.rs/a4fc3 ???

send me an email to talk about it! [email protected]


Do you have links to anything online? Just email me anything to [email protected]


Hello. My name is Maze, i’m a beatmaker from Romania. I thing i have some beats that you might enjoy and do your thing If you would like to hear them out, please give it a listen. This is my youtube channel, be free to pick whatever you like. thank you. Maze https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClKhk7rX3IhSHZYvf439x5g


Hi thanks very much , I like your beats a lot , i would like to work with you… Will record a demo…
Do U live in Romania now ?


Hey, thanks for taking time to check them out. I’m glad you like my beats. Pick one or two and so on, do your thing. WHope we can do something together. Yes. i’m in Romania, now. Maze


What music , rappers, producers do U love ?


Also , can you post some beats on Brapp , then I can record over them on the app…


Stoner Bill here and new to Brapp…
However, I am not new to music composition :wink:
I am a producer who tries to keep versatile in the projects I create (I don’t like calling them beats)
You can check out works I’ve already created here: http://www.airbit.com/stonerbillmusic
You are not obligated to actually purchase anything (listening is free). It’s just where I keep my work at :wink:
If there is a particular style/theme you are wanting to go with then just hit me up and I can work with you.

Twitter / Instagram: @stonerbillmusic
Facebook: www.facebook.com/StonerBillMusic
Email: [email protected]



Yo, I am a producer that’s bubbling up with 2 American rappers on my side on Soundcloud.
We are looking for a female artist to work with us right now.

If you’re interested, please show me some example of what you do.


hello, are you still lookin for beats? check


Hi yes always ! Thanks will have a good listen , seems like a great variety…