Looking For East Coast Rappers


Hey everyone,

I’m a music producer working in London, looking to collaborate on one or two tracks that I’ve been asked to create for MusicXFilm.com - the brief is East Coast US Hip Hop and I already have some beats that I need rhymes over :wink: All profits and royalties would be split fairly and I’d draw up a contract so it’s all above board beforehand. The style is trying to be as authentic as possible, so if anyone’s interested I’d love to hear from you or be pointed in the right direction if possible.

You can reach me on my email below and I’m up for working remotely or in person.
All the best,
[email protected]


Hey Garry!

Some dope east coast rappers off the top of my head on Brapp that you might want to check out and reach out to…



brapp.tv/brokenlandbeats (HOBX)

And lots more when you look around on the app/website


Thanks niki! I’m finishing off some tracks that are probably going to be instrumentals for now, but I’m definitely keeping an ear out for vocals in the future and still have a track that could do with some, so I’ll be sure to check these out when I get on to it…thanks so much.




Loving the sound…my stuff’s very basic old skool East Coast at the minute, I have these instrumentals kicking around (with a stock sample in place of vocals on one), but if there’s any interest in collaborating I’m definitely up for talking:



Hey Garry!!

Nice sounds!

Have you uploaded any of these to Brapp? It’s a great way to find artists to collab with.



Cheers Niki!

Some early versions are on there but I intend to get the new ones up soon!