Getting the most out of Brapp


Here’s a few key steps to help you get the most out of your time on Brapp.

Follow people. The more people you follow, the more you will experience in your home feed. You can find new people to follow in the search and explore sections.

Be engaging. By engaging with other users, liking and commenting on their videos and beats, you make yourself more visible. You can quickly create a buzz around your own channel and grow your followers. If you make beats ask MCs and singers to jump on. If you’re a singer, MC or just enjoy listening to all the original music you’re discovering, leave feedback in the comments fields, or make a video on a beat and shout-out the producer. You’ll soon have collabs popping off all around the world.

Share your Brapp videos and beats on your other social networks and invite your friends and followers to jump on the app.

Get creative with your videos to make them more visually engaging and shareable. For example, film in front of an interesting background or outside and in fun locations, or have someone film you.