Creating your Brapp Username


When joining Brapp you need to create a Brapp username. You will need this to log in to the app and website and other people can use it to search for you as It will automatically become your unique Brapp URL

Usernames must abide by these rules:

• Usernames can be up to 15 characters long @joebloggs
• Minimum characters is 1 @j
• Underscores are allowed @joe_bloggs
• Numbers are allowed @joe123
• Usernames are Case blind (@JoeBloggs = @joebloggs)
• Spaces are not allowed @joe bloggs
• You can start your username with underscore @_joebloggs
• Consecutive underscores are not allowed @joeb___gs
• Usernames with just underscores are not allowed @____
• A username can not be taken by another user

We have blocked certain usernames for our system and any username with the word brapp will not be accepted.

You can change your username as many times as you want so long as the username is available and abides by the username rules. Please note, in the app username changes may take a few hours to display everywhere.