Creating a Brapp Video


To create a Brapp video you have to use the Brapp iOS app.

Choosing a beat

Tap the ‘Record’ icon on any Beat posted in the app to start performing on it instantly or tap ‘Save Beat’ to add it to your Saved Beat-Bank to use later.

Alternatively, tap the ‘Record’ icon in the bottom navigation bar and then ‘Select a Beat’ to perform on. You can choose a Beat from:

SAVED - These are all the beats you have added to your Saved Beat bank. You can filter these by typing in a hashtag, producer name and with the bpm sliders.
USERS - If you like a particular producer, search their username to find all their beats to choose from.
TOP - These are the most liked beats in the app in the last 24 hours.
#TAGS - You can filter Beats by the #hashtags people have attributed to them. For example, type ‘Westcoast’ to find Beats that producers’ may have labeled and shared which have a Westcoast sound.

Once you’ve chosen a beat, tap ‘Play’ to practice your performance and when you’re ready, tap the ‘Record’ icon!

Recording your video

When recording you can see a Mic gauge at the top of the screen which helps you monitor your volume in case you’re being too loud or too quiet.

The minimum recording length is 5 seconds, so you’ll only be able to press ‘NEXT’ (the ✓ icon) after 5 seconds has passed. You can press ‘NEXT’ at any point after that; you don’t have to perform the entire length of the Beat.

Once you press ‘NEXT’, the app mixes your recorded audio on to the beat to play back to you, at which point you can adjust your recording with the powerful Audio Effects and then add a Video Filter.

Tap the back button to cancel your recording and start again.

Sharing your video

Once you’ve added your Video filter, tap ‘Next’ and you’ll arrive at the SHARE page.
Select a cover frame for your video by selecting one of the images on the image slider.
Add a title for your video (max of 60 characters), tag your location and then add your #hashtags and a description of your video in the ‘Description’ field. Adding #hashtags and a location makes your video more searchable and increases your visibility on the Brapp platform.

Once finished, tap ‘Share’ and your video will be uploaded to Brapp, appearing in all your Follower’s home feeds and at the top of your profile page. If you lose wi-fi or cellular reception just reload the home feed once you have got connection again and it will restart the upload.

You can automatically share your new Video on Facebook & Twitter if you have linked your accounts. You can do this when you create a video or at any time in the future. You can link your account to Facebook & Twitter from the ‘Settings’ page (Profile > Settings).