7 Tips for beat makers


7 Tips for Beat Makers

1. You can upload beats using the app

Press the upload button to upload beats from your iPhone or iPad into Brapp via Dropbox or Google drive.

2. You can trim beats longer than 1 minute in the app

When you have selected your beat you can use the ‘Trim’ feature to choose the section of the beat you want to use right from within the app.

Note: Make your intros short so artists can make more exciting videos.

3. Add the beat’s BPM

When uploading your beats it is important to add the bpm so that people are able to search for your beat by bpm and so that the audio effects are more effective for people recording on your beat.

BPMs can be anywhere from 55 to 280 BPM or leave it blank for ‘Free Time’.

4. Use #hashtags properly

To make your beats easier to search and find, use #hashtags in the description field when you share them to Brapp. The more you use, the easier you are to find.

5. Tag a location for your Brapp Map

People love to see where beats come from.

When you add a location, your beat becomes more searchable, and tap the ‘Map’ icon on your profile to see a map of where people have recorded videos on your beats (if they have tagged them).

Note: Press ••• on old beats and select ‘Edit’ to add a location to them (this feature only works in the app but locations show on the website).

6. Share your beats to Facebook and Twitter to invite people to come record on it.

You can do this when you are uploading the beat (app only) or after by pressing ••• under the beat and selecting ‘Share to Facebook/Twitter’.

7. Export your beats as cool video animations to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.

Press ••• under your beat and select ‘Export to Camera Roll’ (this feature only works in the app). Exported beats look like this:


Thank you for this! :slight_smile: