10 Tips for video makers


10 Tips for Video Makers

1. Save beats you like to record on later

You can save any beats you like to record on later by pressing the Save Beat button.

2. Searching your saved beats

You can access your saved beats from your profile page by tapping the ‘Saved beats’ button, or from the recording page by tapping ‘Select a beat’.

Enter text to filter your Saved Beats by producer name or #tag, and use the bpm sliders to highlight a particular bpm range you want to see beats from.

3. Using the ‘Users’ Tab

This page shows a list of all your producers (all the people you follow that have uploaded beats).

Enter a username in the search bar to find any producer on Brapp.

4. Always make your videos look good

You can use the front or the back camera when using Brapp.

People like looking at interesting videos so try to record in cool locations and make sure the lighting is good.

P.s. If you are using an iPhone 5S or later, you can adjust the light balance by tapping the video in dark or light spots.

5. Use the right microphone

Use headphones when recording so there isn’t any audio spill.

When your headphones are plugged in, you can choose which mic you want to use, the headphones mic or the phone’s built-in mic.

The headphones mic is good for recording vocals and the built-in mic is good for recording instruments (in a quiet place).

6. Don’t do long intros

When recording a video you only have one minute, make it count!

People don’t like waiting through long intros to hear you do your thing.

7. Make your recording sound pro

After you record you will see the Audio Effects page. The first thing you want to do is make sure your voice/instrument is clearly audible and balanced with the beat.

Use the EQ slider to make your recording more bassy (left) or more trebley (right).

Then use the PUMP to make your recording sound bigger and warmer.

You can add a DELAY if you want some echo in your recording.

Note: “Delay” controls the speed of the delay intervals. When it is on maximum it is exactly one beat (provided the beat maker put the bpm on the beat). “Mix” controls the volume of the delays.

And lastly, use the REVERB slider to add a sense of space & depth to your recording. It is especially nice for singers and instrumentalists.

8. Use #hashtags properly

To make your videos easier to search and find, use #hashtags in the description field when you share them to Brapp. The more you use, the easier you are to find when people are searching for that particular style.

9. Tag a location to your new (and old) videos

When you add a location your video becomes more searchable, and is really cool for beat makers to see where people are recording on their beats from around the world.

Note: Press ••• on old videos and select ‘Edit’ to add a location to them.

10. Share on you videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for maximum visibility

Tap ••• under your videos and select ‘Share to Facebook/Twitter’ to share links to your videos, or select ‘Export to Camera Roll’ to watermark and download your video to upload onto any other site.